Extraordinary work place

Inspired by the prosperous Central view. Make today’s connection be the next success.

The perfect spot

Golden Centre is a magnificent complex graced by the grand glass curtain walls. The floor to ceiling windows is the perfect spot that overlooks the city. Opening up the office with more light.

Gorgeous Built-ins

  • Lift Lobby
    Delicately designed ceiling with premium finishes, the beautiful and impeccable lobby is the entrance to the next big venture.

  • Video Wall
    Merging of inspiration and architecture, it draws you into a relaxing state of mind. A captivating video wall showing artistic imagery, letting the imagination breathes.


  • Retail space
    Made to the needs of diverse flavours, covered over 2,900 sqft amenities.

  • Outdoor Advertising Wall
    Sprawling advertising space flows inside to the outdoor, uplifts a high brand visibility.

Building Management Office

A prestige office tower stands in a Class A location

188 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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