Golden Centre is a magnificent complex built with grand glass curtain walls, completed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. This opens up the office with more light, making it the perfect spot overlooking the metropolis.

  • Outdoor Advertising Wall
    It features a wide cinematic screen merged seamlessly on the building’s glass wall, which is designed to capture the attention of a huge audience at the civic square.


  • Lift Lobby
    The concierge is decorated with a contemporary waterdrop art installation – perfect greetings to start your day! Further inside you can find the lift lobby area finished with premium marble walls and floorings.

  • Lightboxes
    Furnished with floor-to-ceiling lightboxes at the entrance with high foot traffic, the building entrance becomes an ideal site for advertising purposes.

  • Retail space
    Covering over 2,900 sqft , the space is constructed to meet diverse purposes of tenants


Golden Center is a 27-storey Grade-A complex characterized by intelligent space-utilising design. Each unit ranges from 962 to 5,385 sqft. Together with a 5,000 sqft basement, this open floor plan can be conveniently remodeled that meets business ventures.


Building Management Office

A prestige office tower stands in a Class A location

188 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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